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I am robot and proud

I Am Robot and Proud is one my favorite artists, so the fact that I see he’s now doing a sound track for a game got me pretty excited. And not just any game either. Shaw-Han Liem, the musician behind the I Am Robot and Proud album series is embarking upon his first official collaboration with game designer Jonathan Mak, creator of Everyday Shooter. So there can only be awesome to come.

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Soapbox 01

So ya, review scores, these actually piss me off so much I don’t know where to start. It not that they exist, no, the idea behind them is sound, they allow the the reader to , at a glance, get the overall idea of the quality of a game. But we know that’s not how it works, far too much importance is placed on them within the industry, mostly for marketing reasons.

So what exactly am I whining about then? well… As far as games go anyway, the whole scoring system implemented by different sites and publications is completely broken. Each site/publication has it’s own scoring system, some have points, some have percentages, some even have a letter system. So how does one equate one to the other. It’s not just that but now take into effect for instance different reviewers backgrounds in gaming and gaming preferences as well as in some cases “allegiances” to systems or developers.

It’s a total fucken mess.

How do we fix it?

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Nik Ainley is a UK based illustrator who produces both personal and commissioned work. He rather bizarrely taught himself Photoshop in his spare time while gaining a degree in physics at Imperial College in London. He enjoyed it so much he ditched physics and moved full time into design and illustration. You can find his work at

For once being loud and most probably drunk may actually work in your favour for once in a game.

The games called GNILLEY, which was made by Radix for the Sydney GGJ. You can download the game from here (requires a microphone).

I’ll get back to the game reviews at somepoint this week, but I’d really like to steer clear of the Mass
Effect 2 and MAG’s of right now and rather focus on older or less well publicised games that you may have missed, I may touch on my ingame experiences but for now there’s just far too many other much more well equiped writers out there to help you with the really tough choices.

Just one point on Mass Effect 2, the scaning of planets, what’s all the fuss about, it doesn’t take that long. My advice: Start smoking, planet scans are best in game smoke breaks.

I have no price, I have no stockists, I will look into it.

As a magazine layout artist I do spend quite a bit of time waiting for stuff, text, pictures, other people etc. So I’d like to think I’m rather well qualified in the time wasting department. Pretty much anything I post under the time wasting banner will be internet related but I work in quite a lax office so I’m going to stress upfront that I don’t want to hear any complaints about people loosing their jobs etc because they took my advice or followed a link I posted. With that in mind If you have nothing to do right now I highly recommend you google image search “suprise butsecks”.

I’d like to say that I’ll p[ost on this blog every day and I’m back, but I’d be lying. Truth is I want to, but just don’t have the time right now, also I don’t exactly have much worth talking about most of the time, so I’d rather save my displays of incorrect grammar and spelling for when I really do have something worthwhile sharing.